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Welcome to Flashlightlens.com! We have lenses to fit Maglite®, Mini Maglite®, SureFire®, TigerLight®, Streamlight®, Brinkmann®, Pelican®, Trustfire, Elecktrolumens, and more. Replace your scratched plastic or polycarbonate flashlight lens with glass!

If you have a request for a particular product and you don't see it on the site, please contact us - we'll see if we can get a hold of it for you.

ALL ACRYLIC MATERIAL (IR, Acrylite, Hardcoat, and AR Acrylic) CAN BE CUSTOM CUT TO ANY SIZE OR SHAPE!! - Contact us for details


USPS Price Increase (again)... The United States Postal Service just hits us with another price increase. While US shipping only saw a $0.50 increase for our type of packaging going First Class, International rates got nailed hard. The updated price for their most economical option went up about $6. That's almost double!!! I know that makes buying a $4 lens somewhat ridiculous to spend $14.00 to ship, but the USPS is still the cheapest option I have to get stuff to our International customers. Sorry everyone! Priority Mail options are also up across the board. They cut out a slew of commercial-based discounts that are affecting everyone...

SECURITY!! You may notice that our entire site now utilizes TLS encryption. This was done to further protect the confidentiality and integrity of your your entire shopping experience. We work hard to ensure that the Flashlightlens.com site stays up-to-date with the latest security measures available.

UCLp AR Coated Acrylic Lenses
This stuff blows me away. It's the material we have been waiting for since we opened in 2002.

Hardcoat Acrylic
Quite possibly the best compromise between polycarbonate and glass. The best of both worlds? Check it out for yourself.

We now carry IR filters
We were able to get a hold of some really good Acrylic IR filter material. Check out our filter kits for the AA Minimag, as well as the C&D Maglites.

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